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***FINAL CLIENT INTERVIEW FOR A LEADING PETROCHEMICAL CO. IN SAUDI ARABIA THROUGH JADDARAH WORKFORCE SERVICES IN KOCHI(19-20 Nov 2017- for Para-Professionals Only), MUMBAI (22 Nov 2017 - for Para-Professionals Only), (23-24 Nov 2017 - for Professionals Only) & CHENNAI (26-27 Nov 2017 - for Professionals Only) . CANDIDATE MATCHING WITH THE JD & FROM OIL & GAS & PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY CAN CALL 022 6666 5335/45 & REGISTER FOR THE INTERVIEW ****

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G Gheewala - An Introduction

Since 1978, we have been catering to our clients & providing organizations with entire service of recruitment solutions to efficiently screen and select the most qualified candidates which can fulfill the most crucial resource requirement of any organization i.e. Human Resource.

Being India's leading government recognized manpower consultant, G. Gheewala has become the ideal choice of leading companies who wish to recruit professional human resources from India.