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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
19/GG4501 Field Operator
19/GG4502 Technician - Lime Calcined Plant
19/GG4503 Auto Mechanic - Garage
19/GG4506 Electrician - Rolling Mill
19/GG4504 Crane Electrician Crane Section
19/GG4505 Electrician - Direct Reduction & Material Handling
19/GG4507 Millwright Mechanical - Direct Reduction
19/GG4508 Operator - Utility Maintenance, Sea Water & Water Treatment
19/GG4509 Repairman - Crane Mechanical
19/GG4512 Inventory Controller - Warehousing Operations
19/GG4513 Material Planner - Warehousing Operations
19/GG4514 Storekeeper - Warehousing Operations
19/GG4515 Finishing Operator - Rolling Mill
19/GG4510 Repairman - Finishing - Rolling Mill
19/GG4511 Repairman - Utility Maintenance, Sea Water & Water Treatment
19/GG4516 Product Handler - Rolling Mill
19/GG4517 Roll Builder and Guide Assembler
19/GG4518 Roll Turner
19/GG4519 Rolling Operator
19/GG4520 Billet Handler - Continuous Casting
19/GG4521 Brick Layer - Refractory
19/GG4522 Caster - Continuous Casting
19/GG4523 Crane Operator (Over Head Crane Operator)
19/GG4524 Melter - Electric Arc Furnace
19/GG4525 Repairman - Mould - Refractory
19/GG4526 Repairman - Slide Gate - Refractory
19/GG4527 Spare Parts Controller
19/GG4528 Tundish Repairman - Refractory
19/GG4529 Scrap Conductor - Electric Arc Furnace
19/GG4530 Shipping Attendant - Product Delivery
19/GG4531 Slag Dump Truck Operator - Slag Handling
19/GG4532 Stacker / Reclaimer Operator - Jetty Operations
19/GG4533 Unloader Operator - Jetty Operations
19/GG4534 Vacuum Truck Operator
19/GG4535 Yard Conductor