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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
17/GG07701 Production Lead Engineer (Ethylene)
17/GG07702 Production Engineer(Ethylene / Venyl / EDC-VCM)
17/GG07703 Production Shift Supervisor (Ethylene / Chlorine / EDC-VCM)
17/GG07704 Field Operator (Ethylene / Utilities / LDPE / LLDPE /Chlorine / EDC-VCM)
17/GG07706 Firefighting Senior Officer
17/GG07707 HSSE Support Manager
17/GG07708 HSSE Instructor
17/GG07709 Safety Engineer
17/GG07710 Product Development Officer
17/GG07711 IPMT Lead Engineer - Projects
17/GG07712 IPMT Project Engineering Manager
17/GG07713 Sr. Quality Control Officer
17/GG07714 Laboratory Supervisor (Vinyl)
17/GG07715 Polymer Chemist (Day/Shift)
17/GG07716 Process Engineer
17/GG07717 Internal Audit Manager
17/GG07718 Head of Learning and Development
17/GG07719 Safety Manager (Vinyl)
17/GG07721 Maintenance Planning & Turnaround Manager
17/GG07722 Field Operator ( VCM / Chlorine Plant )
17/GG07723 Sr. Quality Control Officer (TCS)
17/GG07724 Chlorine Plant Manager
17/GG07725 EDC-VCM Plant Manager
18/GG1501 Mechanical Technician
18/GG1502 Electrical Technician
18/GG1503 Instrument Technician
18/GG2301 Mechanical Projects Engineer