Current Openings

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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
17/GG02201 Electrical Engineer
17/GG02202 Engineer, Chemical
17/GG02203 Engineer, Instrument
17/GG02204 Engineer, Reliability
17/GG02205 Engineer, Safety
17/GG02206 Engineer, Turnaround
17/GG02207 Engineer,Mechanical
17/GG02208 Electrical Technician
17/GG02209 Maintenance Planner
17/GG02210 Planner, Turnaround
17/GG02211 Process Engineer
17/GG02212 Sr. Planner
17/GG02213 Technician, Instrument
17/GG02214 Mechanical Technician
17/GG02215 Millwright Technician
17/GG02216 Assistant Planner
17/GG02217 Planner, Planning Support
17/GG02218 Planning Engineer
17/GG02219 PP Process Engineer
17/GG02220 Process Control Engineer
17/GG02221 RIS Engineer
17/GG02222 Rotating Engineer
17/GG02223 TA Planning Engineer
17/GG02224 Sr. Electrical Engineer
17/GG02225 Sr. Instrument Engineer
17/GG02226 Process Safety Engineer
17/GG02227 DCS Operator
17/GG02228 Field Operator
17/GG02229 Urea Operator
17/GG02230 Process Operator
17/GG02231 Utility Operator
17/GG02232 Panel Operator
17/GG02233 Polymer Operator
17/GG02234 Ammonia Operator
17/GG02235 Olefins Operator
17/GG02236 PVC Operator
17/GG02237 Control Room Operator
17/GG02238 Control Room Operator
17/GG02239 Lead Operator
17/GG02240 Glycol Operator
17/GG02241 Styrene or Ethylene Operator
17/GG02242 HDPE Operator
17/GG02243 Console Operator
17/GG02244 LLDPE Operator
17/GG02245 LDPE Operator


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job order in your application eg.. GG18401.
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Your CV should have passport size Photograph placed on the top right hand side corner.
  • Candidates whose documents are attested will be preferred.
  • Candidates applying for QATAR or KUWAIT PCC from Passport office will be beneficial.