Current Openings

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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
16/GG027001 Packaging Supervisors
17/GG04448 Coater Operator
17/GG04449 Quality Technician
17/GG04450 Slitter Operator
17/GG04451 Transporter, Finishing
17/GG04452 Assistant Operator
17/GG04461 Internal Auditor
17/GG04462 DCS Operator
17/GG04463 Process Operator
17/GG04464 Plant Operator
17/GG04465 Console Operator
17/GG04466 Analyzer (Instrument & Control)
17/GG04467 Fire Fighting (Fire & Gas)
17/GG04468 Mechanical Technician - Maintenance
17/GG04469 Instrument Technician - Maintenance
17/GG04470 Electrical Technician – Maintenance
17/GG04471 Pipefitter – Plant Maintenance
17/GG04472 Mechanic – Plant Maintenance
17/GG04473 Ware House (Inventory & Material)
17/GG04474 Data Entry (SAP Mandatory)
17/GG04475 Planning Engineer – Routine Maintenance
17/GG04476 Planning Engineer - Assets & Materials
17/GG04477 Planning Engineer - Cost
17/GG04478 Turn Around Planning Engineer – Maintenance
17/GG04479 Planner - Mechanical Maintenance
17/GG04480 Planner - Electrical Maintenance
17/GG04481 Planner - Instrumentation Maintenance
17/GG04482 Planner - Mechanical (Assets & Materials)
17/GG04483 Planner - Electrical (Assets & Materials)
17/GG04484 Planner - Instrumentation (Assets & Materials)
17/GG04485 Project Engineer
17/GG04486 Production Engineer
17/GG04487 Electrical Engineer - Maintenance
17/GG04488 Process Engineer (Chemical)
17/GG04489 Analyzer Engineer (Instrument & Control)
17/GG04490 Reliability Mechanical Engineer (Rotating)
17/GG04491 Reliability Mechanical Engineer (Stationary)
17/GG04492 Reliability Electrical Engineer
17/GG04493 Reliability Instrument Engineer
17/GG04494 RIS Engineer
17/GG04495 Reliability Centered Maintenance Engineer
17/GG04496 RBI, Sr. Analyst
17/GG04497 Sr. Analyst, Asset Performance
17/GG04498 Civil Engineer (Construction & Project)
17/GG04499 Admin Assistant
17/GG04500 Budget and Control Analyst
17/GG14501 Data Analyst
17/GG14502 APM System Analyst – Meridium
17/GG14503 Financial Administrator
17/GG14504 Administrator – Manpower & Contractor
17/GG14505 Project Coordination
17/GG14506 Crane Operator
17/GG14507 Maintenance Technician
17/GG14508 Millwright
17/GG14509 NDT Technician
17/GG14510 Fabricator
17/GG14511 Welder
17/GG14512 Tool Keeper
17/GG14513 Rigger Level – I
17/GG14514 Rigger Level – II
17/GG14515 Rigger Level – III
17/GG14516 Routine Planning Engineer
17/GG14517 Master Equipment Planner
17/GG14518 Inspection Planner
17/GG14519 Routine Planner
17/GG14520 Maintenance Scheduler
17/GG14521 Planning Scheduler
17/GG14522 Ammonia Engineer
17/GG14523 Material Engineer – Instrument
17/GG14524 Material Engineer – Mechanical
17/GG14525 Material Engineer – Electrical
17/GG14526 Maintenance Engineer – Mechanical
17/GG14527 Instrument Engineer – Maintenance
17/GG14528 SHEM Audit - Scheduler & Analyst
17/GG14529 Stationary Equipment Engineer – Maintenance
17/GG14530 Material Analyst
For Petrochemical Company
For Reputed Mining Company
17/GG04401 Chargehand - Mechanical-Sukhaybarat -201897 Eastern
17/GG04402 Technical Compliance Superintendent-Sukhaybarat -201624 Western
17/GG04403 Sampler I Eastern
17/GG04404 Operator I-Bulgah Mine-200002 Eastern
17/GG04405 Mill Shift Boss-Sukhaybarat -201069 Eastern
17/GG04406 Mill Operator I-Sukhaybarat -201947 Eastern
17/GG04407 Surveyor II -Mahd- Mine Planning Drilling & Blasting-200780 Eastern
17/GG04408 Engineer I, Mahd - Mine Planning Drilling & Blasting-201059 Saudi National
17/GG04409 Miner III, Mahd - Mine General Distributable-200769 Eastern
17/GG04410 Chargehand Electrical, Mahd - Electrical Workshop-200573 Eastern
17/GG04411 Electrician III, Mahd - Electrical Workshop-201145 Saudi National
17/GG04412 Foreman I, Mahd - Electrical Workshop-201923 Eastern
17/GG04413 Rock Mechanic Engineer, Mahd - Office of the Mine Manager-201098 Eastern
17/GG04414 Storekeeper II, Mahd - Warehouse-200569 Eastern
17/GG04415 Mechanic I, Mahd - Mill Maintenance-201304 Saudi National
17/GG04416 Superintendent- Mine - Al-Amar-Mine Office-201147
17/GG04417 Shift Boss II - Al-Amar-Mill General Distributable-200687
17/GG04418 Chargehand II- Refinery- Al-Amar-Mill General Distributable-201168
17/GG04419 Operator II- Al-Amar-Mill General Distributable-201871
17/GG04420 Foreman I- Electrical-Al-Amar- Mill General Distributable-201959
17/GG04421 Operator I - Al-Amar-Mill General Distributable-201735
17/GG04422 Mechanic I , H E-Al-Amar - Mill Maintenance-201961
17/GG04423 Wet Assayer- Al-Amar-Assay Laboratory-201263
17/GG04424 Planner II - Al-Amar-Mechanical Work Shop-200400
17/GG04425 Foreman- Electrical-Al-Amar- Electrical Work Shop-200560
17/GG04426 Electrician II , H E -Al-Amar - Electrical Work Shop-201964
17/GG04427 Storekeeper I- Al-Amar-Warehouse-200288
17/GG04428 SR. Storekeeper -Al-Amar - Warehouse-201510
17/GG04429 Senior Metallurgist-Al-Amar-201402
17/GG04430 General Foreman Maintenance Workshop-Al-Amar-201744
17/GG04431 General Foreman-Al-Amar-Mill Maintenance -200560
17/GG04432 Storekeeper III - Mahd-Warehouse-200889
17/GG04433 Systems Controller -Mahd- Warehouse-200428
17/GG04435 Superintendent WPL - Ad Duwayhi-Water Pipeline Treatment Plant-201747
17/GG04436 Resource Modeler - Ad Duwayhi-Water Pipeline Treatment Plant-201971
17/GG04437 Pipeline Operator - Ad Duwayhi-Water Pipeline Treatment Plant-200370
17/GG04438 SCADA Operator - Ad Duwayhi-Water Pipeline Treatment Plant-201402
17/GG04439 Chief Planning Engineer -Ad Duwayhi- Mine Planning , Drilling & Blast-201744
17/GG04440 Senior Mining Engineer - Ad Duwayhi-Mine Planning , Drilling & Blasti-201986
17/GG04441 Surveyor - Ad Duwayhi-Mine Planning , Drilling & Blasting-201091
17/GG04442 Process Engineer-Ad Duwayhi-201399
17/GG04443 Chargehand Wet Assayer -Ad Duwayhi-Metallurgical Laboratory-201322
17/GG04444 Chargehand Fire Assayer -Ad Duwayhi-Metallurgical Laboratory-201292
17/GG04445 Fire Assayer III-Ad Duwayhi-Metallurgical Laboratory-201837
17/GG04446 Wet Assayer-Ad Duwayhi-201733
17/GG04447 Maintenance Manager WPL - Ad Duwayhi-Water Pipeline Treatment Plant-201969
Water Utility Project
17/GG04453 Chemist / Lab Shift Supervisor
17/GG04454 Engineer, Power System
17/GG04455 Sr. Civil Engineer
17/GG04457 Engineer - Cost Control
17/GG04458 Sr. Process Engineer
17/GG04459 Lead Engineer, Discipline
17/GG04460 Engineer,Cost


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job order in your application eg.. GG18401.
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Your CV should have passport size Photograph placed on the top right hand side corner.
  • Candidates whose documents are attested will be preferred.
  • Candidates applying for QATAR or KUWAIT PCC from Passport office will be beneficial.